Jan. 2nd, 2014

They are a couple good write-ups on the "Eight circuits" or internal neuro-personal systems. Although apparently they were really 24, and recombined into 8. Someday I would like to look into that more to see how this conversion was accomplished.

This also indirectly influenced Chaos Magic doctrines, which seems rather silly to me because Chaos is by definition outside of "Order" of all forms, and so, whatever we put into a "system" or "doctrine" would be a linearization of an intrinsically non-linear thing. Not impossible but just a bit silly, and I don't think that the Gnostic state of personal Gnosis which happens in the chaote state can be thought by indoctrination alone. In fact, it usually happens long before someone is aware of such concepts.

...so, it is not really all that silly, actually.

Anyhow, we do not seem to yet have an anime series based directly on Prometheus Rising. Although, between Serial Experiments Lain, Chaos;Head, In Time and C:The Money of Soul and Possibility Control, anything seems possible.

There is also some stuff about the Net of Indra which I will read more about later.



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