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Increasing the pace of the wrong path just makes death come quicker, or more likely.

What is needed, is a path which is alive, and increasing life. A life-style, not a death style.

It is perhaps ironic, but perhaps expected, that the Pharisees do their best to preach falsehoods rather than the Gospel of life, and that business people who expect no reward afterwards are spending their time, effort, and life essence in order to bring up improvements in our standard of living.

So, if you ask me where the real place of life is, I would say it is between sleep, expression, production, and reward.

The intensity of production, or even the quality, is not a deterministic, direct driver of reward.

Unpredictable market forces are.

However, if we are good enough, and are not robbed, then we should be able to create a financial surplus. Otherwise, the system is broken and needs to be fixed.

And eventually we will find a "place" which is rewarding, be it at the bottom or the top of another virtual country.

Life is worth living, and it can be enjoyed. So, enjoy everything.



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