The fountain of eternal youth is, according to the canonical gospels, a river that flows out of the belly of a twice-born person.

The source is thus inside, and the cultivation of the flow of this water can be done in many ways, one of which is singing and chanting.

Not just idle singing, but the aim is to carry negative emotions out of the body like steam being let off by a steam engine. (c.f. Psalms 15, 37). Fresh, pure water comes to refill it. Love blossoms, and failure becomes a thing of the lower world which you have ascended beyond.

Now, like an angel, you are pure and perceptive. There is nothing on Earth that can stop you, and you know how to guard against the birds (or Princes) of the Air.

When you sing or chant resonantly, you improve the health of your Thymus, which prevents auto-immune diseases, and the whole process helps to prevent psycho-somatic diseases, and errors of wrath.

Humming is likely also a way to help the process along. The subtle body implications are difficult to explain briefly, unless you are already familiar with the Chi Kung Micro-Cosmic Orbit or similar work, which facilitates youthful regeneration of the gross(physical) body, from the inside out.

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