Increasing the pace of the wrong path just makes death come quicker, or more likely.

What is needed, is a path which is alive, and increasing life. A life-style, not a death style.

It is perhaps ironic, but perhaps expected, that the Pharisees do their best to preach falsehoods rather than the Gospel of life, and that business people who expect no reward afterwards are spending their time, effort, and life essence in order to bring up improvements in our standard of living.

So, if you ask me where the real place of life is, I would say it is between sleep, expression, production, and reward.

The intensity of production, or even the quality, is not a deterministic, direct driver of reward.

Unpredictable market forces are.

However, if we are good enough, and are not robbed, then we should be able to create a financial surplus. Otherwise, the system is broken and needs to be fixed.

And eventually we will find a "place" which is rewarding, be it at the bottom or the top of another virtual country.

Life is worth living, and it can be enjoyed. So, enjoy everything.
A dense academic article basically saying that the body matters, even or especially in "virtual reality" or "cyberspace". [link]


Conversations about the golden body transformation. And another with more detailed diagrams.

About Nei Gone (Walking in a Circle).
"You know where we are now?
3,000 B.C.E.
They are no prophets."

I mentioned forms of wrath before. What comes above wrath, and why should we avoid it?

The indignation associated with "wrathful wisdom" is the highest form of the seven forms of wrath. This is the most common problem of the "arrogant", who are both ignorant and resistant to learning a better way of thinking. The word "paradigm" may seem new, but the concept of a new paradigm is as old as the parable of new and old wine and wineskins, and yet it remains a human problem, that thinking tends to get prematurely rigid.

2 Sophia / Gospel of Mary blames this resistance, not on old age or personal character flaws, but on a malevolent demon called "wrath", which takes seven forms, and ensures that humans are wicked, and bound, unable to find rest, and become true beings who are peaceful.

The place of peacefulness is above wrath. There is no reasoning to reach this peacefulness. Stillness of meditation can help us to access the state of mind necessary to cultivate that emotion.

Hidden there is "creative wisdom", or "inspiration". The frustrating thing is that creativity does not necessarily mean that construction can be completed in a timely manner. Some ideas are so far beyond or immediate capability that they are like dreams of the far future.

So if they are seven forms of wrath, then we can call "inspiration", or finding a muse, as the eight attitude, an the start of pure wisdom, and the place of peaceful stillness, and rest.

However, we don't want to carry our brilliant ideas to the grave, so we need various things to keep us young, and also, bring ideas into reality, especially ideas that we cannot do alone.

So there is a type of thinking, practice, acting, doing, and lifestyle that comes from the basis of restfulness. I call this, "constrictive wisdom", or "perfect wisdom", which is also the ninth. And nine is such a perfect number.

Of course, we can split things in different ways.... I am pleased to discover, however, that a lot of this thinking was already done, so it is relatively easy to just dust it off, maybe add a few details to make it relevant to the ultimate ambition.

And, that's all for now. Later on, I might tabulate the wrath stuff and explain how toxic it is.
They are a couple good write-ups on the "Eight circuits" or internal neuro-personal systems. Although apparently they were really 24, and recombined into 8. Someday I would like to look into that more to see how this conversion was accomplished.

This also indirectly influenced Chaos Magic doctrines, which seems rather silly to me because Chaos is by definition outside of "Order" of all forms, and so, whatever we put into a "system" or "doctrine" would be a linearization of an intrinsically non-linear thing. Not impossible but just a bit silly, and I don't think that the Gnostic state of personal Gnosis which happens in the chaote state can be thought by indoctrination alone. In fact, it usually happens long before someone is aware of such concepts., it is not really all that silly, actually.

Anyhow, we do not seem to yet have an anime series based directly on Prometheus Rising. Although, between Serial Experiments Lain, Chaos;Head, In Time and C:The Money of Soul and Possibility Control, anything seems possible.

There is also some stuff about the Net of Indra which I will read more about later.
Quick Notes.


has these possible physiological (body-system based) results:

{ fight, flight, siege, freeze, faint, coma/shock/heart failure -> fatal danger }


We can start with a very small concept which we do not have much faith in, but what matters is the lack-of-doubt, which I will describe more positively as "confidence", or the ability to trust that the process we are undertaking is worthwhile.

More on that later.

seige mode uses both the SNS and PNS to watch a threat carefully, whilst minimizing your own motion.

going into shock, and even fainting, may be an over-reaction to a threat, but it can be a fatal, even moreso that whatever triggered to fear in the first place. This is a good place to say "there is nothing to fear but fear itself", because if the fear response is managed well then fatal danger can be avoided, but if it is managed badly then even little things can cause problems out of proportion to what they ... um... would do in the worse case.

Confidence can be instilled by action rather than by rationality, and the key is to move in some way along the path of faith. This is not religious of delusional faith that I mean, but specifical faith applied to a particular plan.

Well, just a quick note for now.
Logia 51 of the Gospel of Thomas:

[Jesus'] disciples said to him:

On what day will the rest of the dead come into being?

And on what day will the new world come?

He said to them: That which ye await has come, but ye know it not

Rather than trying to combine with others to form a united group, what is critical is that we become self-coherent in ourselves. From here, we can then contribute much more to society, because we will be able to fully honor agreements, overcome any obstacles to goals, and have perfect health.

That sounds idealistic, but I don't think it is unrealistic: it is easier now that we have so much wisdom, and we don't have to become the ideal overnight, or regret it when we don't live up to the ideal, whether in minor or major ways.

However, as long as our minds are dominated by the "noise" of society pulling us this way and that way, then we won't be able to grown internally, and eventually, we will fail to be who we want to be.

That it is why the best way to be of service to others, is to first be coherent in ourselves. Others will try to get us to serve them with all of our minds, but we should never do so, because within us is a higher calling.
There is a concept of being a "single person", but I don't think that is realistic.

We are all at least four people: the ideal self, the negative false personality, the positive internal personality, and at least one external personality.

Our personality is greatly influenced by environmental concerns, and in particular, if we are "at work" then we have a different personality from if we are "being social", typically.

There could be a myriad of ways to break an individual into pieces, and in fact I have a system that uses more than 50 parts, iirc... but I haven't ever bothered to write it up, because, who has time for that?

Well, I guess I don, no, but, integrity doesn't require us to be the same in every context, only, the same within the same context, e.g. to live up to our contracts as professionals, and I would think also, to respect others in our direct social interactions, but the latter can become very complicated since... sweet dreams are made of this.

Who am I to disagree?


Dec. 27th, 2013 09:23 pm
I read a fun article about 10 written thingies that have interesting production stories.

Also, I think we should just take things in levity. Worrying about anything is worse than smiling about it, and most things cannot be controlled or even influenced.

One thing that can be controlled, and should be, is your own emotions and even philosophy.

If more people practiced self-control rather than acting as if they control the other world, then we would as individuals be happier, as a society be more productive, and as a family be more loving.

So, rather than just focusing on comedy, I advise that we focus honestly on developing into "lighter" people who really stand above "wrathful wisdom" and other forms of indignation.

It is difficult, I know, to undo hard habits, but it is not impossible. It is worth working towards, and easier than it looks if you do not make an effort, or prematurely resign to "the end". There is no end, only new beginnings, and cycles of sameness, so choose to do one or the other.

...but that is touching on another topic: development, monocycle, stereocycle.
They are many things which we can't do anything about, but sayings like "It will get worse before it will get better" is very negative, and un-wise. We don't cure lung cancer by smoking more, but yet the same people who talk about trends in society think nothing of wishing, expecting, their own society to decline in order to improve. That is the sort of thinking which motivated Bane (the antagonist or "bad guy" from The Dark Night Rises) rather than, just about any successful person ever.

Even if you can't take responsibility for society (I don't think any individual can, even if they are a leader), you can at least inspire people and yourself to look out for positive things which can improve. All great environments, systems, and people developed by aiming high, and expecting high, regardless of the setbacks: not aiming for setbacks to create some sorta of mystical rebound effect.

As they say in 246,

If you start wrong, you will finish wrong.

So, cease and desist from extremely negative talk and visions of social destruction. That is not the way to help society! Don't be the Bane of reality!

(minor revisions...)
The reasons why failure persists, or bad habits remain, do not even matter;
in fact, they are beyond reason. They are externally controlled and
emotionally bound, respectively. What matters is that, when sufficient
energy is invested in setting up a better pattern, that will be established,
and overcome the "wrath of the actively negative, who may be in denial".

Again, invest in setting up a better pattern.

This better pattern will become established, and will totally overcome the cycle of destruction which would come about.

They are some forms of negativity which keep coming up recently, and I usually choose to just be quiet rather than contradict them, but over time, I withdraw from groups where the negativity persists. Whilst I sometimes speak out, I find more and more that the places which I have been going are full of people who speak their problems rather than their ambitions, successes, and triumphs.

Clearly, the key starts with me: I have to focus on the positive... and then I will either influence others, or find people who also focus on the positive.

These are some of the "forms of wrath" which I have been studying:

      false guilt and other wickedness


      the darkness of self-division (dyadic thinking)

      resignation to the end

Rather, we need to reposition ourselves above these things.

This is "work done in silence", and does not come about through any great activity, but rather, is done with intentional stillness.



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