They are many things which we can't do anything about, but sayings like "It will get worse before it will get better" is very negative, and un-wise. We don't cure lung cancer by smoking more, but yet the same people who talk about trends in society think nothing of wishing, expecting, their own society to decline in order to improve. That is the sort of thinking which motivated Bane (the antagonist or "bad guy" from The Dark Night Rises) rather than, just about any successful person ever.

Even if you can't take responsibility for society (I don't think any individual can, even if they are a leader), you can at least inspire people and yourself to look out for positive things which can improve. All great environments, systems, and people developed by aiming high, and expecting high, regardless of the setbacks: not aiming for setbacks to create some sorta of mystical rebound effect.

As they say in 246,

If you start wrong, you will finish wrong.

So, cease and desist from extremely negative talk and visions of social destruction. That is not the way to help society! Don't be the Bane of reality!

(minor revisions...)
I am really sleepy.

Not really, but using Linux, even the friendly Ubuntu stuff, makes me feel that way.

The drone of the fans in the server box remind me that power management went out of the window when we moved from Socket 5 to Socket 7, and that also reminds me that when we moved from (Super) Socket 7 to Slot 1 / Slot A, it was the end of an era: no longer could any CPU work in any MainBoard, but thanks to Intel's lawsuit BS, you now had no hope of making a CPU for someone else's mainboards.

That is some really serious BS there, and it means that we now have just AMD and Intel to decide what we run on the desktop.

Meanwhile, ARM quietly took over the mobile market, by essentially upgrading the 6502 architecture incrementally over the years, beating out MIPS in most mobile and embedded applications, and leaving Intel and AMD popular in the mindset of the common person but totally ignored in the working habits of most engineers.

We love ARM. With Android, we can get ARM and a shiny toy for free. By "We", I mean them: (software) developers.

As for me, I am sleepy. When I wake up, if I still remember this password, I'll post a bit about ... something interesting, I hope.



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