"You know where we are now?
3,000 B.C.E.
They are no prophets."

I mentioned forms of wrath before. What comes above wrath, and why should we avoid it?

The indignation associated with "wrathful wisdom" is the highest form of the seven forms of wrath. This is the most common problem of the "arrogant", who are both ignorant and resistant to learning a better way of thinking. The word "paradigm" may seem new, but the concept of a new paradigm is as old as the parable of new and old wine and wineskins, and yet it remains a human problem, that thinking tends to get prematurely rigid.

2 Sophia / Gospel of Mary blames this resistance, not on old age or personal character flaws, but on a malevolent demon called "wrath", which takes seven forms, and ensures that humans are wicked, and bound, unable to find rest, and become true beings who are peaceful.

The place of peacefulness is above wrath. There is no reasoning to reach this peacefulness. Stillness of meditation can help us to access the state of mind necessary to cultivate that emotion.

Hidden there is "creative wisdom", or "inspiration". The frustrating thing is that creativity does not necessarily mean that construction can be completed in a timely manner. Some ideas are so far beyond or immediate capability that they are like dreams of the far future.

So if they are seven forms of wrath, then we can call "inspiration", or finding a muse, as the eight attitude, an the start of pure wisdom, and the place of peaceful stillness, and rest.

However, we don't want to carry our brilliant ideas to the grave, so we need various things to keep us young, and also, bring ideas into reality, especially ideas that we cannot do alone.

So there is a type of thinking, practice, acting, doing, and lifestyle that comes from the basis of restfulness. I call this, "constrictive wisdom", or "perfect wisdom", which is also the ninth. And nine is such a perfect number.

Of course, we can split things in different ways.... I am pleased to discover, however, that a lot of this thinking was already done, so it is relatively easy to just dust it off, maybe add a few details to make it relevant to the ultimate ambition.

And, that's all for now. Later on, I might tabulate the wrath stuff and explain how toxic it is.



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